About 37ARTS

37ARTS is a comfortable and welcoming space for the local community to access a wide range of therapies, such as counselling, massage, yoga and acupuncture, to name just a few. It is situated close to the town centre within easy access of cafes, supermarket, and public transport.

37ARTS is about creating a community of people, in making things more accessible for practitioners who are just starting a new venture.

37ARTS was born out of a need to have a suitably confortable, warm, embracing, open, colourful space where I could practice as an Artist and Art Therapist. In the past, as a Textile Artist, Community Artist and Therapist I had to adapt when working in community halls, precarious situations and/or sterile government buildings. I am generally very affected by the poor quality of an environment, and I often had to turn up for workshops or counselling, with many colourful things with me in order to create a ‘conducive space’.

In creating the space at 37ARTS, I realized that it could also be suitable for other fellow counsellors, therapists, and practitioners that like me are not only affected by the unfriendly quality of some spaces currently available for rent; but also are not looking to make ‘big business’ out of their practice. As a client of 37ARTS you will find this space warm, friendly, relaxing and conducive to your needs. You will also be able to access some services by donation, for free or at reduced rates.

The 37ARTS studio is currently hired to PALMWOODS CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE.
For private therapy and workshops please contact me, Mariangela Vecchi, directly (see contact form on front page).